THE ADVENTURES OF THE CELIA GANG - my third charity collection in memory of MAN guitarist Micky Jones, RIP

Deke and Malcolm   Celias
Left - Me, Celia, Man's Deke Leonard and Malcolm Morley - the inspiration for 'Rucksack In My Shot';
Right - With the two Celias

You may be aware from previous pages that one of my favourite and inspirational musicians was Micky Jones of Man, and that he passed away following a brain tumour. Early detection is the key and I had to do something to raise awareness and money for research. Consequently I made two limited edition charity CDs, both mashups of Man tracks, called 'Crintabulated' (2010) and 'Manipulated' (2013), see links on the left for more info. Both quickly sold out a while ago, raising over �1000 for the Brain Tumour Charity.

After that, a collection of new songs was started, inspired by my mates Celia and Celia, our friends and activities. We are all very old. Consequently there were songs like the oh-so-familiar 'Chesty Cough', the inevitability of 'Repeat Prescription', and the anguish and joy of 'Charity Shop'. Then I completely dried up. However it was the spontaneous creation of a new song, 'Ice House' in 2020, that galvenised me into action. It was decided to pick the best of the 40 odd Celia Gang Demos and release them publicly, initially as a Download on Bandcamp, then in February as a limited edition CD called 'The Adventures Of The Celia Gang', where the proceeds would again go to the Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Micky. It was slow going and needed a revamp of my recording set up from the 80s as it was falling to bits! I also had the fabulous assistance of Martin Mycock, author of the invaluable Man bible 'Mannerisms' and organiser of 'The Micky Jones Tribute Album', to get it over the finishing line.

Here's a review by Jules Gough, webmaster of the Manband Archive:

"Indeed, a straightforward download, and a very rewarding new collection of loony-tunes from the fingers, thumbs, toes and probably the elliptical nose of Mr Nation and the Celia Gang. I have a sneaking admiration for Owed To Joy, and the matinee-jazz groove to Cruising With The Celia Gang is also a thing of wonder. Production is surgically clean, with Lange-like miniscule gaps between the tracks giving you little room to breathe. The track titles, e.g. Car Boot Sale - Red Octopus Peg Thingy Hanger and Green Legged Duck tell you everything you need to know. Get it. You'll enjoy it, and even if you don't you can bask in the warm glow of knowing your money's going to a worthy cause."
CeliaGang1   Jam Doughnuts
Left - Some Celia Gang members at action stations...
Right - Jam Doughnuts! Pink Wellies!

You can listen to 'Cruising With The Celia Gang', featuring Celia 1 on clarinet, here:

Nick Nation/Nationsounds/Shake The NationCruising With The Celia Gang

...and/or you can hear 'Listening To Man' (a favourite Celia Gang pastime) here:

Nick Nation/Nationsounds/Shake The NationListening To Man


...Alternatively it is now available as a LIMITED EDITION CD from the Online Shop


1 Ice House
2 Bubble Wand
3 Car Boot Sale/Red Octopus Peg Thingy Hanger
4 Pink Wellies
5 Nectar T Shirt
6 Repeat Prescription
7 Sun Hat
8 Jam Doughnut
9 Rucksack In My Shot
10 Walking With The Celia Gang
11 Crazy Golf
12 Chesty Cough
13 Early Riser
14 Charity Shop
15 Green Legged Duck
16 Hot Food
17 Cruising With The Celia Gang
18 Cold Water
19 Listening To Man
20 Home Made Bag
21 Celia Gang Support Team
22 Owed To Joy
23 Towpath

For more information on the Brain Tumour Charity, have a look at their website


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