A Summary In Two Parts with a Hole In The Middle.

Me with Shake The Nation   Itals
Me in Shake The Nation (Left), The Ital Selection (Right)

Should you need to do a bit of catching up, here is a list of Nationsounds recordings from the past; the current stuff have their own pages later.

'Shake The Nation' was my main band, 'The Ital Selection' and 'Sex Und Metall' were offshoots, 'The Distance' was a duo I had with Dave Jennings (RIP), who was writing for the New Musical Express, whilst my involvement with Eva Valve and Idle Jack was as a producer.

There were also numerous sessions with others, but we'd be here all day if I started listing them....

Shake The Nation "Another Fine Mess" STN 01 (1983)

Eva Valve "Violet's Funeral" STN 03 (1983)

Idle Jack "The Hat" STN 04 (1983)

Shake The Nation "Bath Night" STN 05 (1984)

The Ital Selection "Presenting The Ital Selection" STN 06 (1984)

Sex Und Metall "Sex Und Metall" STN 07 (1984)

The Ital Selection "Live Roots, Studio Rock" STN 08 (1985)

Various Artists "The Norwich Tapes" STN 09 (1984)
(included Shake The Nation, Ital Selection and Sex Und Metall)

Shake The Nation "It's Up To You" STN 10 (1986)

Stage Pass   Bath Night   Shakes Poster
Stage Pass, Bath Night Promo Pic, STN Logo

Shake The Nation also appeared on compilations 'Reel 3' and 'A Street Tape Named Desire'.

The Ital Selection also appeared on 'A Street Tape Named Desire'.

None of the 1980s Nationsounds material is currently available, although you never know what might happen in the future...

Sex Und Metall   Me and Dangerous Max of The Itals
Sex Und Metall (left), Me and Dangerous Max Portamento (right)

Here's a selection of tracks from the archives:

'Living In Yesterday' by Shake The Nation (1982):

'It's Up To You' by Shake The Nation (1986):


'Central City (Live)' by The Ital Selection (1985):

'Machinentraum' by Sex Und Metall (1985):

'Please Don't Slow Down' by The Distance (1986):

Melody Maker  Melody Maker84
'Bath Night' reached No. 8 in the Melody Maker Indie Singles Charts, October 2, 1983
whilst 'The Norwich Tapes' reached No. 2 in the Melody Maker Indie Album Charts, December 8, 1984

Wisely, I then stopped. Unfortunately, I started again. Since then, I've done the following:

Nick Nation "Enigmatic Variations" STN 11 (2008) Private CD

Nick Nation "The Unfinished Dinphonies" STN 12 (2008)

Nick Nation "HMS Dinafore Featuring The Pilates OF Penzance" STN 13 (2009)

Nick Nation "Crintabulated" Donationware CD (2010)

Nick Nation "Manipulated" Donationware CD (2013)

Nick Nation "The Adventures Of The Celia Gang" STN 16 Donationware Download (2021) and CD (2022)

I also contributed a track to the 2011 Micky Jones Tribute Album.

Further details of these can be found on subsequent pages.


Barbera and Howard of STN  Ralph
(Left) Barbera and Howard of STN, (Right) The one and only Ralph

I'm nominally a bassist. However I have also drawn the short straw and played keyboards and guitar. There's been lots of others...in order of appearance: Phil Crocker (gtr/vox), Noel Morris RIP (gtr), Howard Collins (vox), Karin (vox), Sue Barnes (vox), Mandy (keys), Barbera (vox), Derek Davies (sax/keys), Paul Garner (funkiest gtr), Pete Haynes (keys deluxe), Simon Horton (drums), Trisha (vox), Pete Fisher (gtr), Alex Findlow (drums), Tony Banyer (Keys), Dave Jennings (RIP)(vox), Paul Barnes (gtr), Dangerous Max Portamento (Vox, Perc, Synth), Ralph de Rijke (sax, vox), Howard Turner (gtr), Chris Evans (gtr), Mark Fletcher (bass), Chris (perc), Pippa (vox), Bohdi (perc), Mark Illman (gtr), Christine (vox), Tim Prutton (keys), DG Clarke (gtr), Cliff (sax), Dave Noble (gtr), Martin Shepherd (drums), Dave Burgess (gtr), Pete Newbury (bass), Ian Clayton (keys), Les Read (vox), Annie Brookes (vox), Kate (vox), Charlotte (vox), Trevor Roland (sax), Chris Read (gtr), Fran (vox), Caroline (vox), Lizzy (vox), Jerry Cox (vox), Chris Mullins (vox), Ian Harvey (vox), Celia Woods (clarinet).

Apologies to anyone I've missed out, let me know. Greetings to all, anyone not in touch please do so!