The Manband Mash-Up Collection and Tribute to Micky Jones (1946 - 2010)


One of my favourite musicians was Micky Jones, guitarist and vocalist with Man. He had few equals in the world of improvisation and a fabulous touch. The band were quite big in the UK in the early Seventies, popular in Europe and had made a couple of visits to the West Coast of America.

By 1977, the band had split. They subsequently reformed in 1983 but it was never quite the same for me.

In 2002 Micky temporarily left through ill-health. Although he briefly returned, he was diagnosed as having a brain tumour and finally retired from touring in 2004. He spent his last few years in Residential Care before passing away peacefully in March 2010.

To do my bit, I compiled a limited edition CD of Man Mash-Ups. And yes I do realise 'Man' and 'Mash-Up' don't immediately go hand in hand. However, you should be used to that sort of thing by now.

The CD, entitled 'Crintabulated', raised over £400 for the Brain Tumour Charity.

Here's a review from the Man Archive site (which can be found 
here) ...and remember - Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day.

'The 2009 donation-ware album, featuring Man musical and interview samples briskly stirred into a fascinating genre-busting mash up. 

One of my favourite Man-related releases of the 21st century so far.

Crintabulated stands up well in its own right, combining strong original musicianship with an intelligent selection of samples to create an album that's great fun,  musically articulate, coherent yet diverse and produced to a professional standard.

You could of course play a game of 'spot the sample' til your heart's content, but I found it more satisfying to sit back and let the total add up to more than the sum of its constituent parts. There's not a track I didn't enjoy and, in a perverse sort of way, it could be an effective introduction to Man's music for younger ears, or for those whose reduced attention span might struggle with a 30 minute "C'mon" for example.

Nick's sub-title and brief cover notes pay homage to the unsung genius that was Micky Jones, but the selection of tracks and samples to be enjoyed here is taken from a wider selection of the Man catalogue, as the track list indicates.

My only minor gripe would be with the cover which, in common with other Man tribute releases so far, does just enough to describe what's in the tin.

Love the title though.'


1.   Angel Mash
2.   Ain't Their Mash
3.   Banana Mash
4.   A Hard Way To Mash
5.   Day And Mash
6.   Giant Moose Mash
7.   C'Mash
8.   I Couldn't Mash With A Name Like Roger
9.   Scotch Turtle Mash
10. Kerosene Mash
11. Never Say Nups To Mash
12. The Mash Connection
13. The Ride And The Mash
14. Love Your Mash

Here's a track: