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Welcome to The Unfinished Dinphonies, where, if you are so inclined, you can tap your feet to the musings of my psyche - although in the circumstances I'll understand if you don't.

This was the first public release since I decided to rekindle my musical witterings at the beginning of 2008 and suspect it won't be the last. Unlike my previous ventures, this was entirely created by me, me, me. Oh. Dear. This can be a bad thing. It can be a good thing. More likely it's a bit of both. You will find that a lot of the parts have actually been played in the traditional sense as opposed to computer tomfoolery, although there's plenty of that as well. There are also sounds derived from recordings made outdoors - the backing vocals on 'Dinphony No. 28 in C# minor' have been provided by a Marsh Tit, a Magpie, a White Tailed Eagle and a Marsh Warbler. Sheets of Metal have been bashed in the making of this production, although rest assured not with any of the above. Much of it features ye olde worlde of analogue with crackles and distortion, albeit captured digitally; a concept I found rather funny as well as being somehow a bit like the real world. Too right life isn't always ha ha ha hee hee hee.

No Sugar Added  Schubert  Priestess  Road

1 Dinphony No. 7 in A major (Calmato hornby dublo)

2 Dinphony No. 22 in D major (Andante pesante)

3 Dinphony No. 6 in Bb minor (Allegretto grazioso senza dolce) a.k.a. 'No Sugar Added'

4 Dinphony No. 9 in E major (Allegro amoroso) a.k.a. 'The Realm'

5 Dinphony No. 19 in A major (Allegretto tranquillo)

6 Dinphony No. 21 in G minor (Legato martellato con nintendo)

7 Dinphony No. 17 in E minor (Andante con brio)

8 Dinphony No. 24 in G minor (Vivace affrettando)

9 Dinphony No. 28 in C# minor (Con movemente con carne)

10 Dinphony No. 4 in E minor (Puglio moderato)

11 Dinphony No. 26 in A major (Allegretto con fuoco)

12 Dinphony No. 29 in G major (Scherzando con stantinople)

Sax on Dinphony No. 22 by Ralph de Rijke

Released December 2008 on Nationsounds STN 12

Available from THE ONLINE SHOP and here's Dinphony No. 19:


...and a review from the 'Eastern Daily Press' dated February 13 2009: