MANIPULATED - The Second Unofficial Free Man Mashup Collection!

Update 23 June 2014:

LIMITED EDITION - NO Longer Available!


On 10 March 2010, Micky Jones - guitarist, singer and mainstay of 1970s band Man - passed away having been diagnosed with a brain tumour eight years earlier. Initially, he left the band temporarily for two years thinking that a full recovery would be made, but after a handful of gigs it was clear this was not to be. Since his passing, a number of fund raising events and recordings have taken place in his memory where proceeds have gone to causes nominated by his son George.

'Manipulated' was the second unofficial Man Mashup collection and released in September 2013, following 'Crintabulated' in August 2010. It was only available from this site and for a short period of time.

Here's a review from Jules Gough of The Manband Archive:

'Manipulated' was the second unofficial Man Mash-up collection from Nick Nation. It was released in September 2013, following 'Crintabulated' from August 2010. A limited edition, Manipulated went out of print in September 2014, although Nick was still receiving requests for copies in 2016. This donation-ware album builds on the methods used on the earlier release, combining Man music and interview samples with many from other related and not so related artists, whipped up into a tasty confection of spectacular proportions. The tracks are mostly short, under three minutes usually, so you're briskly moved on from one mash to the next. Manipulated is well-produced, displaying plenty of smarts and a huge sense of fun along the way to a thoroughly enjoyable listen. If you believe Man's music should be preserved in aspic for perpetuity, thus this should prick your bubble. Like its predecessor, it's great fun, Full marks too for the cover, which reveals a different quadrant of Rick Griffin's painting for Slow Motion.

Press the 'Play' button to hear 'A Mash In Dad's Bag':


1 A Mash In Dad's Bag
2 Just For Mash
3 Many Are Called But Few Mash Up
4 Born With A Masher
5 Blown Away Mash/Do It Again
6 Conflict Of Mash
7 Mash Up Jelly Tight
8 Razorblade and Rattlemash
9 Summer Mash
10 Hard Mash To Die
11 Mash Into The Future
12 In Search Of Romain And Twenty Six Mashes
13 Something Is Mashing
14 Empty Mash
15 Living In The Mash Today/Hold Your Head Up
16 Would The Christians Wait Five Minutes The Lions Are Having Mash
17 Don't Mash Away
18 It Is As It Must Mash
19 Spunk Mash 3

Also appearing, albeit unwittingly, were Hawkwind, Captain Beefheart, Jefferson Airplane, Amon Duul II, John Cippolina, Steely Dan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Argent, James Brown, Chic, Phyllis Nelson, Alan Freeman, Brian Matthew, The Supremes, Toni Basil, Village People, Roger Miller, Lena Horne, The Nolan Sisters, Hot Chocolate, Tony Christie, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Kajagoogoo, Flanagan & Allen, The Harlem Globetrotters, Uriah Heep, The Doors, Dogs, Sheep, Seagulls and 26 Horses.

So obvious it practically writes itself.

Man are, of course, intrinsically not the sort of band that lends itself to being mashed. But why should that stop us? To avoid copyright issues and to raise as much money as possible, it was again a free, non-commercial CD where it was hoped a donation would be made. In the end �615 was raised, on top of the �408 raised by 'Crintabulated'. All proceeds went to the Brain Tumour Charity, the UK's largest charity of its kind and formed by the merger of the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust and Brain Tumour UK. I didn't make any money out of this myself.

The Brain Tumour Charity consists of a mixture of staff, volunteers and friends with the aim of improving the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours. This is a condition which affects 8500 people each year, yet official funding is severely limited. Since 1996 the Charity has invested �10 million in research.

For more information on the work they do, have a look at their website

Micky, 1976 by Larry Schorr
Micky in San Francisco, 1976
Photo by Larry Schorr

I received a nice thank you letter from the Brain Tumour Charity, which I am copying here for all those who contributed:

Dear Nick,

Thank you so much for your recent letter enclosing a cheque of �616.49 in memory of Micky Jones.

This now brings a fantastic total of �1,024.94, Micky must have been an inspirational and well loved man.

His music certainly lives on!

We really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to make this happen and are delighted that you have raised yet more funds for us.

As you know, our mission is to fund research to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours. Until we find a cure we will also do all that we can to give the highest possible quality of life to everyone with a brain tumour, their families and their carers. This is only possible with the kind support of people like you. As a result of our merger, which brought together The Brain Tumour Charity and Brain Tumour UK, we are doing more than ever to achieve our mission. In March we announced a record �1.5million investment in ten world-class research projects investigating both adult and childhood brain tumours across a range of tumour types.

We have also expanded our range of support and information services to include 30 support groups held regularly across the UK, ensuring people who need it can access our services wherever they live. Without supporters like you we would not have developed a new test for the most common childhood brain tumour or discovered that a drug already used again malaria could help treat brain cancer.

Your support is helping us beat brain tumours. Thank you.

With kindest regards


Ayesha Lutchman

Fundraising Administrator

Thanks for your donation!

Finally, it is likely that if you get a copy of this CD then you will have already bought all their commercially released product. If not, then I encourage you to treat yourself to any of the Man albums that Micky plays on (which is most of them after all) and would point you in the direction of Esoteric Records where the band's back catalogue has been re-released, complete with bonus tracks. They can be found at Esoteric/Cherry Red.