Holidays Abroad   Family Tree

Whilst Shake The Nation were off the road in 1984 writing new material, a strange thing happened. No, really. Some friends had set up a Norwich fanzine called 'Holidays Abroad'. For reasons unknown, I blurted that I could contribute some Norwich band family trees in the style of Zig Zag's Pete Frame - most involved were known to me and keen to contribute. So - armed with a Rotring (remember them?) and notebook, I set about my task.

Years later and I found a mixture of the originals and copies. A kind offer to scan was quickly taken up, and here we are - some are a bit blurry, but that's the way it is. Click on the links to explore and use 'Ctrl +' to zoom in...

Shakes - Click to enlarge
Shake The Nation, Farmers Boys, Popular Voice,
Serious Drinking, Finals and Passengers Tree

Vitals - Click to enlarge
Vital Disorders, Carl Gustav and Kamikaze Sex Pilots Tree

Itch - Click to enlarge
Itch and Ton Ton Taboo Tree

Ital Selection - Click to enlarge
Ital Selection Tree