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This website remains active in memory of Nick who sadly passed away on 29th November 2022.
Its contents detail his life as a musican, a lover of the railways and his local history knowledge. It also details monies raised through his music for the
Brain Tumour Charity in memory of Manband member, Micky Jones.
In memory of Nick a total of £720 was donated to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.
Thankyou to everyone who gave so generously.
A five year old Lord Derby Apple Tree has been planted in memory of Nick at the Horton Country Park Orchard
by the members of the Epsom and Ewell Countryside Team of which he was a volunteer for several years.
He is sadly missed, but will remain forever in our hearts.


Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon/Middle Of The Day...

Lately I've been working on a new charity collection of songs entitled 'The Adventures Of The Celia Gang' and you can find out about it here. Now available as a CD! I've also added my Norwich Band Family Trees and added a review of 'Manipulated'.

This is my third attempt (sort of) at making music, plus I take a few pics, a few videos, work as a Local Nature Reserve Volunteer, contribute to a Local History Website, muck about in general and waffle. I have been involved in charitable musical skulduggery twice before, both were mash-ups of the Man Band ('Crintabulated' and 'Manipulated'). Meanwhile, also on this site...the Epsom and Ewell Local History page has been expanded and updated. 'HMS Dinafore' has sold out! I am an unstoppable force, although many believe I should be.

Other than that, there's not too much to see here yet, I'm afraid. Until I get the opportunity to build it up, this site is purely intended to catch those googling 'Nick Nation' and to lead you in the right direction. There are others, you know. As far as I can tell, they're not me. However, as the demands of becoming interesting and vibrant again increase - first with the release of the comeback CD 'The Unfinished Dinphonies' CD in December 2008 then with 'HMS Dinafore Featuring The Pilates of Penzance' in August 2009, before doing the two charity CDs mentioned above...then a track on the 'Micky Jones Tribute Album' in 2011 but 'other circumstances' then meant the opportunity for me to muck about with this site became few and far between.

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Further details of these ground-breaking releases can be found by clicking on the links or the relevant button on the left. Until recently I would have referred you to my Myspace site which was more like a theme park rather than a web site. However 'they' unilaterally decided to change the content. Pah! Consequently I have now set up Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages instead.

Circumstances within my control have brought about this third phase of musical activity, having originally run out of steam during the 1980s. (I got a proper job). You may not remember me from such bands as Shake The Nation, The Ital Selection, Sex Und Metall and The Distance. What's your excuse?

Use the links on the left to navigate round this site, or use the 'Previous/Next Page' buttons below.

Estuary Boys   Effigy Boys
Left - with Man Roadie Roger, Right - with Effigy Music's Nick (RIP) and Tony